Teaching & Learning

The results under Teaching & Learning contributes to achieving specific objective 1 of the CREATES which is to become a magnet environment that provides innovative opportunities and state-of the art learning environments for graduate students (PhD and MSc students) as well as faculty and other relevant stakeholders in our thematic core areas.

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Outreach Program

CREATES strongly emphasizes outreach and public service as core functions of the Institution. To this end, the Center is taking the advantage of NM-AIST´s vision to develop into a research intensive university offering intensive graduate and post-doc research training in Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation while being gender-sensitive.

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Project & Research

Research scientists produced by CREATES program are expected to be creative and innovative and able to take up high-level career positions in R&D, industry, agricultural production, food and nutritional sciences.

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Donors, Funders & Sponsors

Government of United Republic of Tanzania
Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence Project
The World Bank